Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’, 1968.



Livestream Session: Marcella.


Stephanie O’Brien from The Puppini Sisters 


The Puppini Sisters, “Jilted”


Beautiful woman!

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Lucille Ball wearing her 40 carat aquamarine engagement ring, a cushion-cut diamond on a thin gold band.

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'Excuse me,Gollum creeping in' - Christine McVie


Now, Voyager was an important turning point in Bette Davis’ career. Her great effectiveness was her reserve. Unlike other actresses in melodrama her lip didn’t quiver, she didn’t cry. She held back with this incredible reserve and let you cry, and let you go through all of the catharsis of the character. Most actresses chew the scenery. Whenever they can they cry, and they rant, and they rave… And Bette Davis didn’t. When you thought she was gonna chew the scenery she was very reserved, and then when she had a scene that could be bland when it was done by other people, that’s when the fire exploded from her.

Susan Granger (film critic)